Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring, Summer, Fall......Spring?

Since it feels like we never even HAD winter, im already trying to prepare myself for Spring!! and when i think of spring of course i think of flowers, and gardening and since i unfortunately have no room for a garden i have to use pots. I hate the looks of regular ol brown pots (almost just as much as i hate the look of plastic pots) so here's some cute Pots :)

I love the idea if distressing a pot!!

i found these and thought they were cute! they'd be perfect for mothers day or Easter
Sadly i dont have enough friends for a dinner party (lol) but i love the idea of the chalkboard paint. this would be great for organizing. use them in kids rooms, or in a bathroom or even the kitchen!

I dont know how these would hold up having actual flowers in them, but they're still too cute :) these would also be cute to store things in. Mix and match fabrics and different pot sizes..i like it :)

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