Sunday, September 25, 2011

a little weekend craft

Feels like i havnt done any crafts in FOREVER so i HAAAD to find something to do. then i remembered a few things i got from Goodwill awhile ago, and since im going through a "turn everything into a stand" phase....thats what i did!

i got these candle holders and Christmas bowls from Goodwill. $5.00 for it all.


and i even distressed them a bit :)

im not sure what im going to do with them yet, but im sure ill find a nice place for them :)

some carnival party goodies!!

YAY!!! Jaydens party is quickly approaching, and i was so excited to see my OTC (Oriental Trading Company) had arrived! So i had to give a sneak peek of all the goodness!

these lip whistles are so cute! I think Devin had more fun playing with them then the kids did. i got 48 for $6
cute little clown noses and mustaches!

it isnt a party without swirl pops!

cupcake stand and the treat bags

im getting so excited and time is going so fast! my little boy will be 5 before i know it. im so proud of him and cant wait to watch him grown this next year!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My favorite things about fall: Part 1

-F O O D-

its the 1st day of fall and i am celebrating by doing a fall post! and like all other celebrations, they wouldn't be complete without food! I love SOO much about fall, so this 1st post HAD to be about food-something everyone loves! So here's some of my favorite drinks, treats and dinners!


Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Chicken and dumplings.
i can (and do) eat pasta anytime of the year. but for some reason, thinking about fall really makes me want chicken Alfredo with mushrooms.

I HAD to add my Pumpkin Frappe from Starbucks! Cant wait to get one!

one of my favorite soups: Italian wedding soup.

fudge with walnuts

i recently discovered these little things and once having my 1st bite i didnt really like them. but now im hooked! Pumpkin Spice kisses.

Candycorn is a classic and since it doesnt last long in our house it had to go on the list!

I dont care too much for apples cider, but i love the smell, and this list wouldnt be complete if it wasnt on it!

i know i know, eggnog is for Christmas..but in the Hall house, as soon as it goes on store shelves, it comes home with us! so im sure in the next month we will start stocking up!

of course i had to add chili!

chicken tortellini soup

banana nut bread

pumpkin bread.

last but not least: Turtle pumpkin pie! I make these every year for Thanksgiving and only having one is never enough! you have to make one to eat while you make the others, at least 2 for dinner, and another one for later (because theres never any left overs)

And that concludes my favorite fall foods! after looking up these pics im hungry now! please feel free to share your favorite fall foods in the comments!

Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend trip with family.

This weekend me, Devin and the kids spent the weekend in Irvine visiting his brother and his family. This was a MUCH needed trip for both of us. It was so good to spend some time with my Sister in law, and to see the kids playing together. And i know Devin really enjoyed the time he spend with his brother!

Shereen and i took the kids to the railroad park in Irvine, and this was the CUTEST park ive ever seen!! They have a train ride that takes you all around the park, and at the time they had a sweetest little pumpkin patch. and of course..i had to take tons of pics!

Before we left we all went to Disneyland. it was the kids 1st time ever going and my 1st time being there in about 6 years. But when your there with your own kids and family, the experience is totally different! Jayden was so excited and eager to go on EVERY ride we walked pasted. Tristen was so excited to see Tinkerbell during the firework show..and deep down...i was too!! we definitely made a few more memories for our family and im grateful for these experiences. i love being reminded of how blessed i am :)

Thank you again Darryl and Shereen!! Cant wait for our next visit! im already making my shopping list for Ikea! ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

our weekend crafts :)

This has been such a fun and relaxing weekend i don't want it to end! Along with our Movie Night, we had a craft day!

I made some potato stamps for Tristen to use, she had a lot of fun with them and a few tries in, she thought shes also use her fingers! -__- lol (i took this pic later in the night..that's why they look so gross!!)

Jayden and Daddy made this model fire truck! They were 75 cents at Micheals.
Jaydens party is only a couple months away...and although that seems like i have more than enough time to get prepared for it, i plan on doing a lot of diy projects for i can never get started too i made a couple of many to come pinwheels and.....

....some picture frames! i know they dont looks the best..but they were my 1st try using Mod Podge and from a distance and in dull light...they dont look too bad. lol... and since these frames were a dollar each..(unfinished wooden frames from Michaels) they'll do!

List of craft obsessions:

1. Chalkboard paint

2. M O D P O D G E!!!

I hope everyones enjoying their weekend!! Have a great week!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movie Night!!

Here at The Hall House its time to start cracking down on our buy our 1st house!! As exciting as it is to finally have our money go to something meaningful to our family, its also hard to find ways to entertain our selfs without over spending. We used to always have Movie Nights during the long, snowy Minnesota winters....but we put a little spin on it.....

The Concession Stand :)

I made the kids their own "wallets" to keep their money and movie ticket in. I made them their own money so they can also learn an early lesson on what it is to manage the money they have. They got to buy drinks, popcorn and other goodies!

Mommy and Daddy treats :)

We had such a fun time, we'll definitely have to do it again next month!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Homemade Candy Buttons!

Tomorrow night is our Family Movie Night. Soo..Ive decided to make a little treat for us....

C A N D Y B U T T O N S ! !

They were so easy and much cheaper to make them, than it is to buy them!



*1 lb (1 box) powdered sugar

*2 egg whites

*1/4 teaspoon almond extract or lemon juice

**a few drops of water to thin out "frosting"

1.) With a mixer on lowest speed, combine all ingredients and mix until all combined and thickened.

2.) combine frosting into 4 separate bowls and add your food coloring ((If frosting is too thick add water a few drops at a time until it is the consistence of sour cream))

***frosting should hold its shape when piped out of baggie.

3.) Cut NON TOXIC paper into strips 2inches x 10 inches

4.) Pour frosting mixture into plastic baggies ((its easier and less of a mess if you place the bags into cups then pour the mixture in))

5.) cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and pipe out in whatever pattern or arrange you'd like!

6.) Let harder over night, then store in zip baggie or container.

I know, I know...mine don't look the prettiest!...but the kids were still impressed and cant wait to get their little hands on 'em!

Good Luck!