Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is it HALLoween yet??

Its the end of Aug...you know what that means?? Almost time for FALL!!! but with these 100 degree temps it definitely doesn't feel like it! Its making me miss my Minnesota weather! So naturally...when i look at the calender im expecting to see orange trees, smell chimneys and pull out the sweatshirts.. but instead i have my AC cranked up, picking out tank tops and shorts! So to get my little fix, i had to post a few of the Halloween decorations im eager to do myself! feel free to share your decorating tips with me!

Red Wax Candles

Creepy Halloween wreath
BOO sign (seems easy enough to make ;)

Forked eyeballs: Doughnut holes (or cake pops) dipped in white chocolate with an upside down chocolate chip and red frosting in the middle.

Bat pins: These would be cute on curtains, on my 'seasonal' X-mas tree, to close party favor bag.

Carrot fingers and dip.

Monster Apple Bites

Bat Garland: I'm going to be hanging this all over!!

Pumpkin Characters: Unfortunately i wont be doing these this year, but i still thought they were the cutest things ever!

Recycling old crayons

If your kids are anything like mine, new crayons (or anything else) don't stay that way for very long! Im always finding bits and pieces of crayons in the kids' room...in the living room...on the kitchen floor and i know theres another half to that crayon probably hiding in a totally different place! So i found this cute idea and thought itd be a fun craft for the kids to do and a great way to recycle their old crayons before they get news ones. Plus, it was supper easy!

First, I had the kids peel all the paper off the crayons

Then i had them break up all the crayons, then i chopped them up, so theyd melt faster and easier.

I forgot to take a pic...but i filled cupcake wrappers 1/4 full with the crayon bits and placed them in a cupcake pan and baked at 250 for 15-20 mins. Let cool....remove the wrappers and THERE you have it!!

The kids had such a fun time making these and they had even more fun coloring and seeing all the different colors come onto paper at once! Its also a great way to get them knowing their colors. Have them name the colors or count out as they put them into the tray. Cant wait to make black and orange ones for Halloween!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

My weekend projects

Hi!! So i know Jaydens birthday isn't for a couple more months but when it comes to planning an event ...you can never plan too early :) i went to Goodwill, and got a few things to make a couple projects that i could use for his Carnival Party. I don't know why, but i looove the blue bucket stand. i should have taken pics of the stuff before i started but i was so excited i forgot.

For the blue bucket i got an old rusty bucket (1.99) hot glued it to an old pillar candle holder i had around the house and spray painted it! i also made a red cake plate with an candle holder from Goodwill (1.99) and a plastic serving tray from a 99 cent store=a cake plate for $3 =) I plan on using it as a picture frame pedestal. and since i loved how the candle holders looked as stands...i had to put my pumpkin bowl ( which i also got from Goodwill) on one! and needless to say..i also love it :)

This might have become my new obsession. And they're so easy and cheap to make...you can make them for any occasion, then give them away later on.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paper flower tutorial

I found these paper flowers on Lil Luna, and thought they looked easy and cute enough to add to my fall decorations! You can make these for any occasion with any type of paper.

You need:

paper strips-12 inches long, 1-2 inches wide or bigger. 2 strips per flower.


hot glue gun


Align Center

1. cut 2 stripes of paper 12x2 inches. the wider the paper, the bigger the flower. (2 strips/flower)

2. fold each strip accordion style.

3. glue each end of both strips together to make a circle.

4. fold circle down flap and push in to bunch.

5. using your hot glue gun, glue the center of the flower (on both sides) glue your stick in the back, and your embellishments in the front.

Hope this was easy enough to follow! cant wait to make some for Halloween!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to start planning another birthday party!

Now that Ive gotten over that my Little Tritters is 3 years old...its time for me to start planning Jaydens 5th birthday! I went back and forth with themes from Cars 2, Super hero and costume theme. BUT!........i found the cutest ideas for a carnival theme and thought it'd be so fun for everyone regardless of age! typically i wouldn't chose a theme like this, but Ive really gotten into party planning and trying new things! And this will definitely be a new theme for me to try!

(I got most of these pictures from Karaspartyideas.blogspot.com)

Ive fallen in love with Candy Buffets. To me they are the cheapest and most attractive decoration for ANY party and ANY theme.

Ive gotten into making my own decorations, so i cant wait to try to make this balloon tree!

Anyone that knows me, knows that i have to take pictures of everything! I found this cute idea for a photo booth with a simple piece of polka dot cloth and these cute clown noses (which i already found at orientaltrading.com)

Last but not least!.....paper straws! Ive recently discovered them and can only find them online! (nakinsandplates.com) i just think they are so cute and you get a lot for cheap! so i like them even more!

Im so excited to start planning for this party, and luckily for me oriental trading has TONS of carnival themed party supplies, games, treats....ect. Cant wait!! And Devins really excited to dress up as a clown :)

An exciting week in the Hall house!

This is my 1st post on my not 1st blog! I hope i can stick with this one tho! So since its my 1st post and i had so many things i wanted to share, i decided to share something that i was most excited about! the 1st day of school!! Jayden started Pre-K on Monday and of course...he was SO excited to start. Tristen on the other hand.....had a hard time saying goodbye. And me...suprisingly..i didnt! I have to admit its going to be nice having Jayden at school. Jayden gets his time to learn and explore with friends. Tristen will be starting her Dance class soon..so she'll get her time and even tho i don't get any me time, its still time to spend with tristen teaching her new things. So here's to a fun and fulling school year! I love you Jayden class of 2025!