Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Funday!

lately it seems like the only projects ive been getting to do is for Jaydens. And since its for good cause i cant complain...but its not helping my house to look very cute! so i took today to do a for projects for myself!! a few things i been wanting to do for awhile!

Mason Jar candle holders (My new favorite creation)

A modge pod frame: a paper diolle and some pearls and a frame from Michael's. This projects cost my 2.50 to make!
i take it back...this is my new favorite! an empty frame wall with some frames i had painted and distressed. i get so sick of my little bathroom, and this look definitely helped cheer it up! and it also makes it look a little bigger!

a cute little cake plate i made with a plate i got at Ross for $2.99. For some reason it reminds me of Christmas. i may have to go back and get the whole set!

Halloween Movie Night.

This year i am filled with the Halloween spirit!! We have so many (EXCITING) things going on in our family right now, and i am seeing all there is to be blessed about! since we didn't have anything going on this weekend (For once!) and i thought it'd be nice to treat ourselves and the kids we HAD to have a Halloween movie night! no spooky movies! the kids......or I couldn't handle it! so we watched a classic- Hocus Pocus!

Our plates we didnt get to use :(
'witches brew'=green Hawaiian Punch. Minus the frog legs ;)
look!! I found a little goblin!

the treats of course!

my halloween tree. you cant really see the ornaments.

the 1st time ive decorated our door for halloween and my 1st use of spiderwebs. not too shabby i think!

The treat table.

Our ghost family. We each made one with paper plates and white streamers.

had to make cake pops! and Carmel corn with ghost marshmallows

Optimus with his treats!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doily Jar Tutorial

what you need:

-MOD PODGE ( of course!)

-any type of ugly jar! ive had this one for years..but you can buy similar ones at Goodwill or a thrift store.

-a paper doily

-foam brush

brush your mod podge all over the area where you want your doily.
place on your doily--and starting from the center, smooth out as best as you can ( since the surface is round theres bound to be some wrinkles!)

once your doily is in place, brush another lay of Mod Podge OVER the doily, smoothing down all the edges.

let it dry. with a pin or tip of a knife, trace around the outline of the doily and peel off any glue.

And there you have it!! so simple and cute! im sure im going to be doing this on every jar i find!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

photoshop magic!!

sometimes i just surprise myself!

i had a good vision when i had Jayden pose for this picture...but the elements just wouldn't work for me--So i made them :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple picking in Tehachapi.

On Friday Jayden and his school took a field trip to go apple picking! This was Jaydens 1st field trip, so im glad me and Tristen were able to come alone and join in on the fun! We went to a little apple orchard in Tehachapi--a small little mountain town, to pick apples. then we walked down the road a little bit where they had a little shop that sold all kinds of goodies! Apples crisp, apple butter, apples syrup...anything you can do or make with an apple...they had it! of course..i had to get some apples crisp, homemade apples cider and pumpkin butter! im not sure how im going to use the pumpkin butter yet, but i had to get it because i love anything pumpkin! And afterwards we had a 'picnic' lunch and all the kids ran around like crazy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

tissue paper pom pom

i originally saw these on the Martha Stewart website, and they are becoming a more popular solution to paper streamers and balloons filled with helium. you can make them all different sizes, colors, patterns whatever you want!

you need: a pack of paper tissue paper, floral wire and string for hanging.

stack all (9) papers .....
make 1 1/2 inch wide accordion folds, creasing with each fold.

wrap wire around center of folded tissue

For easier hanging, thread your string through the wire before you stand "fanning" out your papers.

trim each end using a rounded or pointed shape

separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.

finished! i used 12 pieces of paper with blue one. and 9 with the red...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Bucket List.

Good day!

So, ive always heard this talk about Pintrest...even checked it out once, but wasnt too impressed. well i got an invite to start my own account so i did=OBSESSED!

with that said: i found the cutest little thing...a "Christmas Bucket list" and since im getting SOO excited about Christmas i had to make my own!

*Christmas Bucket List*

__Make a Gingerbread house

__Make homemade eggnog

__Go to a Christmas parade

__Look at Christmas lights

__Write a letter to Santa

__Drink Hot Cocoa

__Make a Christmas ornament

__Stuff Stockings

__Read 'The Night Before Christmas'

__Buy Christmas jammies

__Kiss under the mistletoe

__Watch 'A Christmas Story'

*PS: only 81 days until Christmas!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

busy day!!

i have had SUCH a busy day making all kinds of goodies!! why dont i have more space?? actually..i think its best that i dont have more space, or id become a hoarder!

i made a chalkboard (because i havnt made one in while...and i needed a big one) and i also made one for Jaydens party.

and of course..i distressed it!
jaydens frame for his party

paper flowers are my new pinwheels. they are so quick and easy, and you can make then for any occasion!

going to use these for centerpieces

this is a candler gone i made the best of it. used a jar, silhouette stickers, and mod podged over it. i dont really know what look i was trying to get, so this'll do for now!

a little somethin, something for the party!