Friday, September 23, 2011

My favorite things about fall: Part 1

-F O O D-

its the 1st day of fall and i am celebrating by doing a fall post! and like all other celebrations, they wouldn't be complete without food! I love SOO much about fall, so this 1st post HAD to be about food-something everyone loves! So here's some of my favorite drinks, treats and dinners!


Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Chicken and dumplings.
i can (and do) eat pasta anytime of the year. but for some reason, thinking about fall really makes me want chicken Alfredo with mushrooms.

I HAD to add my Pumpkin Frappe from Starbucks! Cant wait to get one!

one of my favorite soups: Italian wedding soup.

fudge with walnuts

i recently discovered these little things and once having my 1st bite i didnt really like them. but now im hooked! Pumpkin Spice kisses.

Candycorn is a classic and since it doesnt last long in our house it had to go on the list!

I dont care too much for apples cider, but i love the smell, and this list wouldnt be complete if it wasnt on it!

i know i know, eggnog is for Christmas..but in the Hall house, as soon as it goes on store shelves, it comes home with us! so im sure in the next month we will start stocking up!

of course i had to add chili!

chicken tortellini soup

banana nut bread

pumpkin bread.

last but not least: Turtle pumpkin pie! I make these every year for Thanksgiving and only having one is never enough! you have to make one to eat while you make the others, at least 2 for dinner, and another one for later (because theres never any left overs)

And that concludes my favorite fall foods! after looking up these pics im hungry now! please feel free to share your favorite fall foods in the comments!

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