Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend trip with family.

This weekend me, Devin and the kids spent the weekend in Irvine visiting his brother and his family. This was a MUCH needed trip for both of us. It was so good to spend some time with my Sister in law, and to see the kids playing together. And i know Devin really enjoyed the time he spend with his brother!

Shereen and i took the kids to the railroad park in Irvine, and this was the CUTEST park ive ever seen!! They have a train ride that takes you all around the park, and at the time they had a sweetest little pumpkin patch. and of course..i had to take tons of pics!

Before we left we all went to Disneyland. it was the kids 1st time ever going and my 1st time being there in about 6 years. But when your there with your own kids and family, the experience is totally different! Jayden was so excited and eager to go on EVERY ride we walked pasted. Tristen was so excited to see Tinkerbell during the firework show..and deep down...i was too!! we definitely made a few more memories for our family and im grateful for these experiences. i love being reminded of how blessed i am :)

Thank you again Darryl and Shereen!! Cant wait for our next visit! im already making my shopping list for Ikea! ;)

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