Sunday, November 20, 2011

so many wreaths!!

Christmas is coming so fast!!! (as it does every year!) So ive started thinking about what kind of Christmas wreath i wanted to me. After doing some research on ideas, i found about one too many!! So i had to share with anyone who also is looking to make a wreath. i love big, gold, and natural elements...and even tho i found all of those...i didnt find them combined! Thus, reason for making my own!!!

ill call these the Misc. of the wreaths.

Cute cookie cuter wreath. it'd be cute in a kitchen

tied clothe: you can make these for ANYTHING!

tulle: ive been starting to see these quite abit

cute gift box wreath

Who Says a wreath has to be round??!!

this kind of speaks for itself...a candy cane wreath

this is a cute one.

ive been seeing more and more of these square wreaths...but personally, i like for mine to be round!

Natural/Fresh Wreaths

these are my favorite kinds. natural colors, shapes and elements.

i like the mixture of leaves in this one..but it needs a little something more.

love the colors and textures of this one!

this one also needs a little more...but its a nice base for something beautiful!

Yarn Wreaths

i have been seeing these everywhere!! They re not what i would want for a Christmas wreath, but they re still cute and might give some inspiration!

love the little yarn flowers.

Red ribbon and loving the gold!!

cute little felt flowers

Ornament Wreaths

when It comes to DYI Christmas wreaths...the ornament wreath will never fail!! you can make it as big as you want, any color pallet you'd like..and will look cute in any room! but still...i don't feel like its my style! but i love this

Vintage ornament wreath. i would actually LOVE to have one for my kids' room

i do love how big and chunky this one is...oh yea, and its gold!

i love all the colors in this one!! its nice and big, and love the evergreen sticking out!

I hope these wreaths give you some inspiration!! i am still stuck on what kind of wreath im going to the best bet...combined a little of everything!! cant wait to see how it turns out!

-Enjoy and good luck-

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