Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goodwill re-dos

CLEARLY i love goodwill! i love looking around and seeing what i can redo..seeing what i can fix up and turn into something else. If u read any of my posts you'll notice most of my stuff comes from goodwill. So just case in you DONT read my post....heres some more :)

I love turning candle holders into cake stands!

got the candle holder for 1.99 and the plate from Marshalls for $3=$5 for a new cake stand.
i didnt do anything to this, but i got it last year, and finally get to use it! i forgot how cute it was!

got this tray (probably for a 1.99 also) and spray painted it...distressed it, and put some rub-on decals on it...not sure if i like it yet..might need some more work.

got this jar for $2 and just put some rub on decals i got from Michaels for $ it :)

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