Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

This new year is coming right at the right time! The lord truly does know our needs! Im not the type of person to say "new year, new me" EVERY YEAR! but this year...its "new year, better me" I say the new year came at the right time for so many reasons.... I needed a change in myself, motivation for myself, a change in our household, my marraige, my finaces..EVERYTHING!

Its like trying to do your 1st workout on a just doesnt feel right. Thats why you wait for Monday! You need that fresh start lol.

My husband and i sat we do at the beginning of every year, and made a goal sheet. But this one was a little different. Our goals were realistic and needed. Not only where they goals for ourselves and our marrige. but goals for every aspect of our live(s)

1 date night/month
More intamate time.
Couples devotional/pray for our marriage more
Devin-Communicate more

Family devotional
1 family outing /month
Rewarding system
Spending more time with each individual child/parent
Clean as family/give more responsibility
Organize house.
Save energy

Things to do/Places to go:
Go to the beach/water park in summer
Go to the zoo & museum
CALM @ Christmas
Summer Trip

I kept out a few areas and a few goals. Those are only for me and my husband to know :)

Wish us luck, and Happy New Year!

"You cant change your life IN one day. But you can change your life FOR one day. Just take one day at a time"

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