Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my pintrest t-shirt scarf

Me, like tons of other people have become OBSESSED with Pintrest! its like all of my favorite blogs, website and google combines in one! Ive already tried doing a few things ive pinned, but this has to be my favorite because i have a slight obsession with scarfs!


it was supper easy

they are super cute

and i made more than one :)

Cut and t-shirt right under the arm pits of the shirt.

cut strips horizontally all the way down. (i cut mine about an inch think)

once all your strips are cut, holding each end of the strips, pull on them to make the fabric curl.

arrange your strips order you like. i tied a few of the strips to make them short, and pulled a few a little harder to make them longer. i used a thin piece of fabric cut from the sleeve to tie them all together.

and here you go!

i used a regular Cotton t for my gray scarf, but my black and blue one was made from a polo. i like it just as much, but little pieces of the fabric shed, and u have to pull harder to make them curl, which mines the loops are longer.

and i HAD to make one for my little tritters! i ever reused to flowers that were on the shirt i used!

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