Sunday, August 28, 2011

My weekend projects

Hi!! So i know Jaydens birthday isn't for a couple more months but when it comes to planning an event can never plan too early :) i went to Goodwill, and got a few things to make a couple projects that i could use for his Carnival Party. I don't know why, but i looove the blue bucket stand. i should have taken pics of the stuff before i started but i was so excited i forgot.

For the blue bucket i got an old rusty bucket (1.99) hot glued it to an old pillar candle holder i had around the house and spray painted it! i also made a red cake plate with an candle holder from Goodwill (1.99) and a plastic serving tray from a 99 cent store=a cake plate for $3 =) I plan on using it as a picture frame pedestal. and since i loved how the candle holders looked as stands...i had to put my pumpkin bowl ( which i also got from Goodwill) on one! and needless to say..i also love it :)

This might have become my new obsession. And they're so easy and cheap to can make them for any occasion, then give them away later on.

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