Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paper flower tutorial

I found these paper flowers on Lil Luna, and thought they looked easy and cute enough to add to my fall decorations! You can make these for any occasion with any type of paper.

You need:

paper strips-12 inches long, 1-2 inches wide or bigger. 2 strips per flower.


hot glue gun


Align Center

1. cut 2 stripes of paper 12x2 inches. the wider the paper, the bigger the flower. (2 strips/flower)

2. fold each strip accordion style.

3. glue each end of both strips together to make a circle.

4. fold circle down flap and push in to bunch.

5. using your hot glue gun, glue the center of the flower (on both sides) glue your stick in the back, and your embellishments in the front.

Hope this was easy enough to follow! cant wait to make some for Halloween!

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