Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Funday!

lately it seems like the only projects ive been getting to do is for Jaydens. And since its for good cause i cant complain...but its not helping my house to look very cute! so i took today to do a for projects for myself!! a few things i been wanting to do for awhile!

Mason Jar candle holders (My new favorite creation)

A modge pod frame: a paper diolle and some pearls and a frame from Michael's. This projects cost my 2.50 to make!
i take it back...this is my new favorite! an empty frame wall with some frames i had painted and distressed. i get so sick of my little bathroom, and this look definitely helped cheer it up! and it also makes it look a little bigger!

a cute little cake plate i made with a plate i got at Ross for $2.99. For some reason it reminds me of Christmas. i may have to go back and get the whole set!

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