Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple picking in Tehachapi.

On Friday Jayden and his school took a field trip to go apple picking! This was Jaydens 1st field trip, so im glad me and Tristen were able to come alone and join in on the fun! We went to a little apple orchard in Tehachapi--a small little mountain town, to pick apples. then we walked down the road a little bit where they had a little shop that sold all kinds of goodies! Apples crisp, apple butter, apples syrup...anything you can do or make with an apple...they had it! of course..i had to get some apples crisp, homemade apples cider and pumpkin butter! im not sure how im going to use the pumpkin butter yet, but i had to get it because i love anything pumpkin! And afterwards we had a 'picnic' lunch and all the kids ran around like crazy!

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