Monday, October 3, 2011

busy day!!

i have had SUCH a busy day making all kinds of goodies!! why dont i have more space?? actually..i think its best that i dont have more space, or id become a hoarder!

i made a chalkboard (because i havnt made one in while...and i needed a big one) and i also made one for Jaydens party.

and of course..i distressed it!
jaydens frame for his party

paper flowers are my new pinwheels. they are so quick and easy, and you can make then for any occasion!

going to use these for centerpieces

this is a candler gone i made the best of it. used a jar, silhouette stickers, and mod podged over it. i dont really know what look i was trying to get, so this'll do for now!

a little somethin, something for the party!

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