Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Movie Night.

This year i am filled with the Halloween spirit!! We have so many (EXCITING) things going on in our family right now, and i am seeing all there is to be blessed about! since we didn't have anything going on this weekend (For once!) and i thought it'd be nice to treat ourselves and the kids we HAD to have a Halloween movie night! no spooky movies! the kids......or I couldn't handle it! so we watched a classic- Hocus Pocus!

Our plates we didnt get to use :(
'witches brew'=green Hawaiian Punch. Minus the frog legs ;)
look!! I found a little goblin!

the treats of course!

my halloween tree. you cant really see the ornaments.

the 1st time ive decorated our door for halloween and my 1st use of spiderwebs. not too shabby i think!

The treat table.

Our ghost family. We each made one with paper plates and white streamers.

had to make cake pops! and Carmel corn with ghost marshmallows

Optimus with his treats!

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