Sunday, October 2, 2011

finally!!!..i finished some important projects!

why does time seem to go so far!! i cant believe September is already over, and we are now into our 1st week in Oct! do you know what that means?? only 4 more weeks until Jaydens party!!! and thats not alot of time to get stuff together! thankfully, as you know i stared awhile ago! but ive still got so much to do!! but i finally got a few things done!

..and Tristen helped!!

i found this fame for 75 cents, so i spruced it up a bit!
my 1st attempt at making paper pom poms! Im going to be hanging these from the ceiling, and now that i know they arent as hard as i thought they'd be..ill post a tutorial on my next one i make!

Made a centerpiece for jaydens "Jaydens Table"

some paper pinwheels, pipe cleaner swirls, and some swirl pops! i also found some vintage taffy at Michaels (i hope it doesnt taste vintage :)

Jaydens invites..

a balloon wreath i made. I saw these on a couple other blogs, but never really saw how they were made, so i just took a stab at it. It took my a white to find the right way to twist and pin the balloons, so they didnt flop around. im kinda proud of my 1st attempt!

i used some water balloons i found for .20 cents to fill in little holes.

this is my new favorite care tray! these are 3 individual pieces..of course i found them all at goodwill! totalling in $5!

founds these GIANT pumpkin marshmallows!! i hate marshmallows, so i got them for decoration, and they are just too cute!

im sure ill be posting MUCH more this week!!!

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